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A sound body is a sound mind 
In our society,we come across situations where our personality determines our worth.In today's day and age one with high intellect needs to look a certain …

The Life of Robin Williams 
It is quite unbelievable and shocking to know Robin Williams, such a successful, funny and apparently happy man, had committed suicide. I am quite …

Thinking about Thinking 
It's safe to say that over 75% of what we do is not as productive as it could be. In fact, most of what we do at an executive level is not what we are …

The Future of Decision Making 
The book "The Future of Decision Making" offers healthy insights on how to help others to improve their decision making. People Make Poor …

Franklin Covey Time Management  
Franklin Covey Time Management Systems enables a clear understanding of personal values and ambitions, helping individuals focus on objectives, with regard …

Are You Practising Fair Leadership in Your Staff Appraisals? 
Line managers have mixed emotions about performance discussions with their direct reports: it’s a pleasure to reinforce strong performance and uncomfortable …

Challenges of Women in Leadership Roles 
When one looks at the history of the last 100 years and the leaders and news makers, we would be hard pressed to find women. Why is that? I can understand …

Four Basic Management Styles 
Effective Management is a long-time human problem that in simplest terms is getting a group of people to work toward a common goal. Entire libraries have …

Finding Hope  Not rated yet
Who Am I ? Many people when born wake up to the sound of welcome laughter and sights of smiles of people's faces, but not me. When I was born I woke …

application of Hersey and blanchard theory Not rated yet
I Applied this theory as four categories of students ...R1,R2,R3,R4 THEN I Handled these students with different strategies for three months ,after regular …

A Walking Talking Miracle Not rated yet
Ten years ago at the age of 50 I had a lateral arterial descending heart attack which is usually associated with instant death. There was no pain with …

5 Ways to Lower Staff Turnover in Your Business Not rated yet
High staff turnover is a common and frustrating problem for managers, particularly in the UK and the US, where research suggests up to 50% of new employees …

How to set yourselves apart from other people? Not rated yet
There are times in your life when you stop living altogether. The only reason you exist at that time is because you cannot die. You want to escape the …

Good Enough is not Good Enough For You. Not rated yet
You are created for more! God didn't put you here to merely- get- by. Don't join the majority of people who have settled on an Island called Good Enough! …

Get Inspired! Not rated yet
Nobody is empty! Everybody has got something to make something! God loads you with ability called potential which is essential more than your credentials. …

Why Soft Skills Matter? Not rated yet
IMPORTANCE OF SOFT SKILLS IN PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFE! It is very important to have great soft skills to establish ourselves like a great person. …

Business versus Entrepreneurship… Not rated yet
With an emerging market and new startups mushrooming every day, I could not stop myself from thinking about business and entrepreneurship, however had …

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