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Communication Articles

Benefit from the array of communication articles. Effective communication is the ability to convey your intentions, opinions and to impart your knowledge. Each article will help you get one step closer to being a leader above leaders.

Remember, if the content of the article does or doesn't suit your perspective, you can provide your comments at the end of each article. You may also go to our Leadership Articles , Management Articles or Motivation Articles section of our website.

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Communication Articles

360 Feedback Survey
The concept behind the 360 feedback survey is to have multiple reviewers to eliminates, at least from a theoretical stand point, the possibilities of getting feedback that is...

What is Communication?
As a leader it's important to understand what is communication and how a message goes from a sender to a receiver. Gaining knowledge of communication will provide you with the ability to communicate effectively with your staff and will give you...

What is feedback and how do I use it properly?
Feedback is often misunderstood as being a one-way communication between the teacher and the learner when in fact it is the overall interaction between them. It is essential for maximizing one's potential, raising awareness and improving one's strengths. It is also one of the most powerful...

Giving Feedback to Employees - Connect First, Talk Second
Giving feedback emotionally is far too often neglected. Giving positive or negative feedback is not about the words you use, it's about the emotional connection you establish and ultimately....

Giving Feedback Tip
When I give negative feedback to my employees I of course follow our company policy and write up an official letter. Then, when I meet with the problematic....

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