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Where leaders expand and share their knowledge...

Have you always known you were destined to lead, but perhaps due to life circumstances those opportunities have not opened up yet? Being a leader is within your grasp. We will take you through the process of transforming your life, self and experiences into those that are admired and respected to assist you in rising to your fullest potential.

Delving deeper into your leadership skills can take you on some amazing roads. We are here to help you explore how to reach the next level in your journey towards excellence. provides you with articles that will:

    Increase your Leadership Authority!

    Improve your Management Skills!

    Advance your Communication Skills!

    Develop your Motivational Influence!

Where to Start?

We have found in our own leadership journey that our genuine leadership expertise has grown as we have increased our learning and found ways to share what we have learned... As you explore this website we hope you find ample learning opportunities to propel you forward and help you create the leadership path you are looking for.

Welcome fellow leader and we hope you enjoy your leadership journey with us!

Here are some "must read" articles:

What is a Leader ?
What is a Manager ?
Employee Motivation
Bad Managers - We all have that experience!

Read them already? There are plenty more, below.


Leadership Theories - In Chronological Order
For decades leadership theories have been the source of numerous studies. In reality as well as in practice, many have tried to define what detaches authentic leaders from the mass! Hence, there as many theories on leadership as there are philosophers, researchers and professors that have studied and ultimately publish their leadership theory.
Leadership Styles
There are many different leadership styles. Each leader has his or her own unique style. Effective leaders will vary their methods based on the context, the individuals concerned and the desired outcome. Your ability to adjust your style based on these variables is directly correlated with....
Leadership Articles
Benefit from our vast array of leadership articles. Each article is unique and provides you with stimulating and motivating ideas. There is considerable value to be gained in reading the articles offered on leadership. Personally, I continue to find them extremely helpful. They are valuable due to the fact that they are quick to read and are focused on specific leadership abilities. They are simply the fastest way to expand and refine your leadership skills.
Leadership News and Your Commentary
Follow the latest Leadership News and have the opportunity to provide your own news commentary.
Management Articles - Increase your Management Skills for Free!
Benefit from the array of management articles. In today's society, effective management and organizational skills are critical to keep you on top of your world. Each article will provide you with extremely useful and thought-provoking ideas.
Time Management Articles
Why spend time reading time management articles? One never stops learning first of all and secondly, the world we live in changes constantly. Learning new tools and refreshing the old will help you excel above all others and like the saying goes,
Communication Articles
Benefit from the array of communication articles. Effective communication is the ability to convey your intentions, opinions and to impart your knowledge. Each article will help you get one step closer to being a leader above leaders.
Motivation Theories - Categories of Motivational Theories
Motivation theories, in its simplest from, are seeking to explain the driving force (s) that convert our thoughts into behaviors. There are numerous theories of motivation, where each are either explaining the same motivational concept with a different verbiage or they are offering a new motivational theory. Regardless, attempting to understand them all...
Types of Motivation - Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
There are two types of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. It's important to understand that we are not all the same, thus effectively motivating your employees requires that you....
Motivation Articles - Motivate Yourself to Motivate Others!
Benefit from the array of motivation articles. The effective motivator has two tasks at hand, motivating those around you and staying motivated yourself in order to successfully reach your goals. In all reality, motivation is one of the...
Self Motivation Quotes
Self motivation quotes are, consciously or subconsciously, an important part of our lives, we don't always realize it, but we continually...
Inspirational Quotes
Inspirational quotes can be a great source of power; in fact, some use quotes to form their beliefs. We now know that the use of this great source of power will be reflected in your results. Great leaders have passed before us but have left us their legacy. Those who were the most influential in history have left bits of their wisdom. Make use of them - these quotes contributed to their success -- let them contribute to yours as well.
Famous Leadership Quotes - Empower your Motivation
Over the years there have been numerous famous leaders. These leaders have led countries, businesses and even people. There are many things these famous leaders are remembered for; namely one being the Famous Leadership quotes they have coined over the years. When looking at some of these quotes, it's remarkable that even a few spoken words have made such an impact on... Blog Page
The latest of Blog in a one page summary! One great time management technique is to have the information pushed toward you instead of you having to pull the information. Information is your greatest resource available to you and is a "must" for every human activity. Never before have we had the plethora of amazing information as easily accessible as it is.
How to Cite Articles from
How to cite articles from using MLA, APA citation and HTML links for
Link Page - Other theme related websites
Step up to the proverbial plate and take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer -- this link page will provide you with other good quality theme-related websites that have been sought out for you as an added bonus. Everything you need to be successful is at your fingertips. The work has all been done for you because WE CARE.
Ask a Question - Help your leadership development
Every leader would like to think that they have all the answers; it has always been said that no one has all of the answers, but we can all ask a question. Even the most prominent leaders have encountered questions that have still been left...
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