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Quickly Find what you're looking for via our Sitemap

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I am a Leadership and Personal Development Consultant in my community, and I have coined the term “Active Reformation Theory” (The Art of Leadership

Continue reading "CEO"


A leader Is a servant. A person who does not have the heart of service is not a leader. The heart of service is what makes a leader able to influence

Continue reading "WHO IS A LEADER? "

A lot of businesses fail because of poor leadership

A lot of businesses fail because of poor leadership

Continue reading "A lot of businesses fail because of poor leadership "

Ex General Manager of Franklin Covey Europe

Used a paper based Franklin Planner since 1994 upon joining Franklin Quest as it was before Franklin-Covey Europe. Still using it on a daily basis 24 years

Continue reading "Ex General Manager of Franklin Covey Europe"

Director of Talent

A biography, or simply bio, is a detailed description of a person's life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships,

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The matter noways

Looking at the theory at its birth time will assure its value, in the sixties until he nineties most workers were having the same background. They have

Continue reading "The matter noways "


Motivation is an inspirational drive that brings you determination to do a task . Motivation is usually in sports because of the fact that the athlete

Continue reading "Motivation "

Leadership Like A Backbone

Leadership is like a mind or a backbone of a body which holds or control a body.In the same way leadership can make a nation strong. It can play an important

Continue reading "Leadership Like A Backbone"

Contingency leadership for all leadership relationships

can contingency leadership be used to lead up, laterally as well as down. That is, not just tasking your employees but also to influence your boss or laterals?

Continue reading "Contingency leadership for all leadership relationships"

Leadership without Assertiveness

Once upon a time, Leadership, was courted by Assertiveness. Assertiveness offered Leadership a magic cloak: one that disguised, and so rendered acceptable,

Continue reading "Leadership without Assertiveness"

Assertiveness is not Leadership

Assertiveness ≠ Leadership. If you are in a position of leadership or a project manager for example, the above will likely provoke an instant reflex

Continue reading "Assertiveness is not Leadership"

The Future of Decision Making

The book The Future of Decision Making offers healthy insights on how to help others to improve their decision making. People Make Poor Choices

Continue reading "The Future of Decision Making"

Women in Leadership Roles - Interview with Margaret Heffernan

Margaret Heffernan, born in Texas, serves as leadership model for many young men and women in leadership roles. As a successful leader, entrepreneur, CEO, and author, she positively contributes to the advancement of women in leadership roles.

Continue reading "Women in Leadership Roles - Interview with Margaret Heffernan"

4 Rules Of Engagement Used By Top Leaders

After over 10 years of researching what the top leaders in the world do to be successful, the CEO Genome project has released their findings. One of the

Continue reading "4 Rules Of Engagement Used By Top Leaders"

Sustainable Employee Motivation - Creating the Culture

There are two elements with regards to sustainable employee motivation. First you need to ensure that you are creating a work environement that will be prone to develop a culture of sustainable employee motivation. And second, you need to ensure that you or anyone else is...

Continue reading "Sustainable Employee Motivation - Creating the Culture"


Worker clock-in software once served only to cover individuals for hours worked. Continual progression of those systems encompass more with time and presence


Who is a Leader

A leader has a quality of truthfulness and is helpful to others and he always try to lead them to take it to success.He always try to take his followers

Continue reading "Who is a Leader"


The situational leadership theory focuses more on willingness and ability. So I wish to assert here, is it qualified base on the willingness and ability

Continue reading "Master"

Intrinsic motivation

An individual or group of people where they always have an interest in innovating a new idea in their environment,but they are ashamed to express it due

Continue reading "Intrinsic motivation"

Strategic Human Resources, and Business Partnering

This theory provided me with an excellent background for organisations to develop a Matrix for themselves. All too often, someone is employed on the basis

Continue reading "Strategic Human Resources, and Business Partnering"

Trainee manager

I need to work on my time management. I always procrastinate on the tasks I do not like to do, but complete the tasks I like to do without any problems.

Continue reading "Trainee manager"

Our Environment shapes our motivation

Environment is the best way that can make everyone a good or bad person. If environment or society motivate the bad things, man becomes bad. On other way

Continue reading "Our Environment shapes our motivation "

Dharminder Mato

Leaders must have vision, only by having this can they inspire and motivate others. Many Managers roles face and operate at the S1 segment of the Blanchard

Continue reading "Dharminder Mato"


Leaders are born. Looking back in history, there were only a few number of people who were assertive, who stood strong and spoke up when change was needed.

Continue reading "Leader"

Millenials as leaders for the future

Lets take a look at the way new millionaires are emerging due to the internet successes in online selling most of this ideas spew from just simple needs

Continue reading "Millenials as leaders for the future"

Doctor of Management

I disagree with Herbert Spencer's notion that history shapes great men rather than great men shaping history. I believe that great men are born and that

Continue reading "Doctor of Management"

SENIOR MANAGER - Process Excellence and Compliance

This theory provides very interesting insights on how to manage one's team's performance. Some learnings from this theory :- 1.Leverage Expectancy :-

Continue reading "SENIOR MANAGER - Process Excellence and Compliance"

3 tips for managing stress at work

Unfortunately stress is something that most individuals are used to. Whether it be some kind of stress experienced at the office or in your personal life

Continue reading "3 tips for managing stress at work "

Loving Unconditional

There is nothing more important than being able to love others unconditional. My life before I allowed Christ to penetrate my heart shows me how long suffer,

Continue reading "Loving Unconditional"

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