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Great Man Theory

by Terry

I disagree.

To say the theory is not true because environment shaped them is not intellectually honest. I challenge you to locate a person that is not influenced by their environment. Once we do that, we can test your theory.

The great man theory is not talking about the average person. Its referring to the historical great men of history. Those who shaped the world we live in.

The great man theory is touching on the genetics of individuals. They didn’t really understand genetics in 1840s but that is the general basis.

Some people are genetically better in areas than others. Ever wonder why Kenyans always win? Its because they are genetically better runners than most people in the world. They are physically designed differently with thinner legs that allow heat to escape. The idea is that they have a genetic ability that allows them to nurture it and make them elite. Why can’t this be the same with the ‘great’ leaders?

If all greatness could be learned, then all it would take is opportunity and will to achieve greatness. Id recommend you take up a sport and you will see this is not true. Try golf and try hard, get the best training, and let me know if you think you can get into the pro-am.

Every weekend there are thousands of people playing golf, playing instruments and challenging themselves but they will NEVER be the elite few.

In your life you know people today that are natural leaders. They draw people to them; they inspire others and people want to be around them. Did they learn this in a class? No, that would be silly. They are natural leaders and if given training and opportunity they will achieve more than someone without those natural abilities who works just as hard.

We all know genetics plays a pert in mannerisms. Maybe dismissing the theory in a paragraph is not so easy. Good article just wanted to provide another view point.

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