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Character Formation for Great Leadership

by Amy
(Mamburao, philippines)

Great leadership determines its engagement in the right process for a character development. It is essential to a flawed leader who wanted himself to improve his or her leadership style. Character is inevitable factor in every organization to achieve its long-term development. All of us have negative flaws that sometimes, we cannot control or handle the different situation that we experienced. But all of this happen seeks an opportunities to reveal our true character. Most of the time, there is no perfect way to handle situations like this because our initial reaction is negative. But in the end we realize, we also fail in leadership. It takes courage for us to admit our mistakes but these also gives influence others to be humble and to admit our weaknesses.

Our Character is fundamental to long-term leadership in an organization. It means in leading a business or any organization, being a leader, regular check-up or evaluation of the character flaws and accountability to our friend is important for us to reach our potential as a leader. Assessment of character also indicates that a leadership is a process. Leaders have the responsibility to improve its ability and skills to be effective in leading others.

As a growing leader, in order to sustain our leadership to the people around us, we first need to check ourselves and have the courage to admit our weaknesses. Regular evaluation and assessment are needed as well as helping others to improve themselves. Striving for character development is essential for every leader for them to be able to lead with integrity and efficiency. People wants to follow a leader who knows what they want, who knows where they are going, knows what they wanted to achieve, and knows how to achieve them regardless of the different challenges. People follow what they see, and if this is a simple principle of leadership, then aim to be the best kind of leader that others wanted to follow.

Character formation and leadership development is important investment on a leader. The greater the intentionality, the greater the influence. People only believe its intentions, methods may be vary, but the principle will stay.
It is hard to maintain the character as well as the competency to lead others, but because leadership has been built through its character, and sacrifice, and integrity, followers do the same thing to give their best to lead others too.

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