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Get Inspired!

by Dr. Duyilemi Felix

Nobody is empty! Everybody has got something to make something!

God loads you with ability called potential which is essential more than your credentials.
There is something in you that the world is desperate for.
Quit feeling "I have nothing" complex.
-You have something.
-You can do something.
-You can create something.
Yes you.
It's true you may not be able to write like shakespeare, or sing like Bethoven, or paint like Michelangelo, or conceptualize like Einstein, or present like Oprah or dance like Vaslav Nijinsky, or cook like Careme or golf like Woods or run like Haile Gebrselassie...maybe you can smile, maybe can you lift a soul up, maybe you can...
There is something you CAN DO!
Use what you have! Give the world a piece of your good news.
Stand up and tell yourself "Enough of feeling empty. I have ability to make a difference today. I will not be intimidated by what others have or can Do! I have got something too! My world will hear of me! God put me here because He believes in me!"
Go out today and DO SOMETHING!

Find Your Own Eden•
God created Adam and put him in Eden. That was where his assignment was located!
Your life has a purpose. God assigned you to an assignment. Find it out.
A person suddenly becomes a genius when he finds his Eden.
God wants you to tend and cultivate something. You will not find satisfaction until you are employed by your passion.
Have you seen a person(very common in our generation) who today is a police, tomorrow is a banker, and next tomorrow is a lawyer and after that is thinking of becoming a musician!
Be part of meaningful specifics not wandering generalities!
Apostle Paul crafted it this way : "This is one thing I do..."
You may have different interests but be a man/woman of ONE passion!
Let the world recognize you for something!
That is why the higher you rise in the academic the narrower your field of interest become.
You have genius in you, bring it out!
Ask yourself a DEFINITE question: What am I born into this world to achieve?
Don't run after the popular, run after the relevant.
Don't DO IT because EVERYBODY is doing it. You are not EVERYBODY!
Find out your calling.
Find out your purpose.
Find out your Eden.
You carry so much than to waste all your life in aimless pursuits.
The purpose of life is LIVING a life of PURPOSE!
You are destined to win!

Dr. Duyilemi Felix
Is the Author of "It's In You" "Pick Up Your Broken Dreams" and his latest book "Wake Up Your Destiny"

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