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Leadership was roped in as a subject in the Managerial studies only for the better understanding of students but, Leadership is a dynamic subject on its

Continue reading "MANAGING AND LEADING"

how to cop boss favouritism

if a boss deals someone in such a way that he doesn't back u in difficult situation and discriminate within team and show some favoritism and also express

Continue reading "how to cop boss favouritism"

leadership grid

according to leadership grid, country club management is denoted by what characteristics?

Continue reading "leadership grid"

Head Teacher

Leader is someone that others are inspired by him or her. Being an exemplary is the most determining factors for that inspiration. This can be realized

Continue reading "Head Teacher"


When I sit and meditate, I see through and ahead. I take my computer and write out what I see, and to the end it becomes a quote for others. Most importantly,

Continue reading "Mr"

A leader

A leader is a normal person who has a clear vision and can convince others to realize it in a way that others are also positively sure, when they reach

Continue reading "A leader"

Lead - learning & development

I totally agree. Today is the era of facilitative leadership. With all the genz working in one organization, it is important to use this style.

Continue reading "Lead - learning & development"

change starts from the mind

a man of dream is a man of vision, a man of vision is a man of principles, and a man of principles is a man of change.

Continue reading "change starts from the mind"

extrinsic motivation

i would like to know the types of extrinsic motivation, please

Continue reading "extrinsic motivation"


Gentlemen, I believe that leaders are humans with higher intelligence who had an opportunity to grow in a supportive surrounding and had the chance to

Continue reading "Dr."

self motivated person is always confident

Self motivation is part of motivation that boost our self confidence. A self motivated person is always recollecting his strength and absorb energy from

Continue reading "self motivated person is always confident"

The Brain

Have you ever wondered what is the most complex structure in the universe? here is the answer, it is your brain. The human brain is the most complex structure

Continue reading "The Brain"

Situational Leadership

I believe that situational leadership is probably the most effective form of leadership available. No two employees are exactly alike. They don't have

Continue reading "Situational Leadership"

Well grounded motivated person

In my opinion being a leader is an art. It requires to be well grounded confident and optimistic. It also requires the skills to motivate people in believing

Continue reading "Well grounded motivated person"

Living life with gender norms.

Even as a young child I always hated gender normalities. I was the little girl that believed anyone could play with Barbies as long as you had a good enough

Continue reading "Living life with gender norms."


Am requesting leaders to be authentic leaders ; this is by trying their best to adapt to any situation you come across

Continue reading "PRINCIPAL"

Health and Leadership

HQ This abbreviation means nothing short of “health quality”. To appreciate all its importance, one phrase of the great German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

Continue reading "Health and Leadership"

contingency theories

what are the similarities of fiedler's contingency theory and robert house path goal theory

Continue reading "contingency theories"

Leadership and Motivation

Why is it that none of your data has an author? I am doing research for an MBA Project and I need to use Harvard referencing which includes Author, Date

Continue reading "Leadership and Motivation"


To achieve success with regard to employees’ commitment, organisations need ethical leaders – individuals with strong human and interactive skills and

Continue reading "MSc "

Jethro Nkenglefac General Manager

After reading the thoughts and contributions of others, drawing from my own experience on leadership, leaders are born and are made. A perfect leader is

Continue reading "Jethro Nkenglefac General Manager"

Branch Manager office automation

Leaders invite people to learn and buy into the vision stated in an organisation. Respect from cleaner to Manager is key as every one is an important gear

Continue reading "Branch Manager office automation"

Leadership. Basic Principles.

In this article, we will define leadership basic principles, which provide the grounds for business leaders to create and develop their companies.

Continue reading "Leadership. Basic Principles."

Role of extrinsic motivation to develop intrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation is our desire to perform a task because of incentives or rewards. So, because of that reward that triggers you to do a certain task,

Continue reading "Role of extrinsic motivation to develop intrinsic motivation"

Motivation factor in context of India

In India there are only two motivation factors in which can work in employee growth , retention and motivation. First is monetary benefits related with

Continue reading "Motivation factor in context of India"

Intrinsic Motivation

it doesn't depend on external factor. That is, if no one seems to realize why you are doing what you are doing or what you have done to establish a certain

Continue reading "Intrinsic Motivation "

who is a manager

A manager is the person who effectively and efficiently harnesses available resources to achieve optimum level of productivity.

Continue reading "who is a manager"

Motivation thesis topic

What are good topics for thesis withregards in motivation of the employees?Thank you! God bless.

Continue reading "Motivation thesis topic"


leadership is about the people not individual

Continue reading "President"

who is a leader

A leader is a person who thrives on team work to achieve set objectives and goals and ensures the holistic development of the employee and employer.

Continue reading "who is a leader"

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