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Latest Updates

who is a manager

A manager is the person who effectively and efficiently harnesses available resources to achieve optimum level of productivity.

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Motivation thesis topic

What are good topics for thesis withregards in motivation of the employees?Thank you! God bless.

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leadership is about the people not individual

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who is a leader

A leader is a person who thrives on team work to achieve set objectives and goals and ensures the holistic development of the employee and employer.

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Finding Hope

Who Am I ? Many people when born wake up to the sound of welcome laughter and sights of smiles of people's faces, but not me. When I was born I woke

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application of Hersey and blanchard theory

I Applied this theory as four categories of students ...R1,R2,R3,R4 THEN I Handled these students with different strategies for three months ,after regular

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Maia - WGU MBA student

Fascinating discussion around how traits stem from personality and change over time, but fundamentally, we remain who we are. Today, there's discussion

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It is not enough for a leader to influence the behaviour of his followers but every step or effort that is made to cause a change in behaviour of follwers

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Motivation is an important factor, people are successful by being motivated.

People enjoy motivation,because it is a very important aspect giving someone the ability to do something and encouragement as well.

Continue reading "Motivation is an important factor, people are successful by being motivated."

5 Ways to Lower Staff Turnover in Your Business

High staff turnover is a common and frustrating problem for managers, particularly in the UK and the US, where research suggests up to 50% of new employees

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A Walking Talking Miracle

Ten years ago at the age of 50 I had a lateral arterial descending heart attack which is usually associated with instant death. There was no pain with

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How to set yourselves apart from other people?

There are times in your life when you stop living altogether. The only reason you exist at that time is because you cannot die. You want to escape the

Continue reading "How to set yourselves apart from other people?"

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is fuzzy

The line between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is fuzzy. If I desire acceptance or power and make effort to gain these, I am still working towards

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Employee Motivation - Understand and Increase

Employee Motivation is often perceived as a mystical and complex phenomenon. This section of our website will provide you with an array of information that will help you demystify by furthering your understanding of the motivational forces that positively influence your staff motivations. Thus, permanently...

Continue reading "Employee Motivation - Understand and Increase"

Sustainable Employee Motivation - Creating the Culture

There are two elements with regards to sustainable employee motivation. First you need to ensure that you are creating a work environement that will be prone to develop a culture of sustainable employee motivation. And second, you need to ensure that you or anyone else is...

Continue reading "Sustainable Employee Motivation - Creating the Culture"

Motivation Articles - Motivate Yourself to Motivate Others!

Benefit from the array of motivation articles. The effective motivator has two tasks at hand, motivating those around you and staying motivated yourself in order to successfully reach your goals. In all reality, motivation is one of the...

Continue reading "Motivation Articles - Motivate Yourself to Motivate Others!"

Job Motivation

There are some definite benefits to focusing on the job motivation. There are ways to modify the work itself in order to increases your employee's motivation with regards to the work they do. For example, you could introduce...

Continue reading "Job Motivation"

Bad Managers - How to deal with them!

Bad Managers! I'm almost tempted to challenge anyone to find someone that hasn't had that experience! The truth of the matter is that we all had at least one, perhaps many, if you are not new to the workplace. But what is even more shocking is that you were or are a bad manager in someone's eyes. Not because you are, but because we are often provided this label in a subjective manner, not objectively. So, before you label your Boss as a...

Continue reading "Bad Managers - How to deal with them!"

Facilitative Leadership Style

Facilitative Leadership as opposed to the old fashioned authoritative leadership of "It's my way, or the high way approach", seems to break...

Continue reading "Facilitative Leadership Style"

organizational behavior

Do you agree or disagree with the basic assumptions of Herzberg’s dual-structure theory? Why?

Continue reading "organizational behavior"

Advantages of Time Management

You can only harvest the advantages of time management by efficiently managing your time. Sound pretty straight forward, but many don't fully understand these advantages of time management and...

Continue reading "Advantages of Time Management"

Motivation in the Workplace

It's not very surprising that in today's business world, motivation in the workplace, relates to one of the most complex resources one needs to manage, yes, its the human resources. It just so happens to be one of the most expensive resources in many of the organization, it also happens to be the one resource that has the most variability in its performance. That is why...

Continue reading "Motivation in the Workplace"

Workplace Motivation

As we all know, workplace motivation will increases the business efficiencies, it's like having a well...

Continue reading "Workplace Motivation"

Motivation Definition

Motivation definition is: A general desire, need or want that generates the energy required for someone to behave in a particular way. This means that there's actually a motive behind the action, which is really an ...

Continue reading "Motivation Definition"

What is leadership ?

In my view and experience leadership is contravertial behavior who follows grahams hierarchy of disagreement.

Continue reading "What is leadership ?"

Are you a leader or Manager - Interview Question

It is frequently asked in various academic and job interviews if you are a leader or a manager? so how should we respond to that particular question?

Continue reading "Are you a leader or Manager - Interview Question"

define motivation

To define motivation in a simple manner I would say that it is a general desire, need or want that generates the energy required for someone to behave in a particular way. Still, it is not enough to...

Continue reading "define motivation"

360 Feedback Survey - Good or Bad?

The concept behind the 360 feedback survey is to have multiple reviewers to eliminates, at least from a theoretical stand point, the possibilities of getting feedback that is...

Continue reading "360 Feedback Survey - Good or Bad?"

Motivation Theories - Categories of Motivational Theories

Motivation theories, in its simplest from, are seeking to explain the driving force (s) that convert our thoughts into behaviors. There are numerous theories of motivation, where each are either explaining the same motivational concept with a different verbiage or they are offering a new motivational theory. Regardless, attempting to understand them all...

Continue reading "Motivation Theories - Categories of Motivational Theories"

Attribution Theory

At its origin, the dissertation of Fritz Heider, an Austrian psychologist, on the Attribution Theory was attempting to explain why the perceivers attribute the properties of an object they sense to the object itself when these properties only exist in ...

Continue reading "Attribution Theory"

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