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Health and Leadership

by Adil Alekperov
(Kiev, Ukraine)


This abbreviation means nothing short of “health quality”. To appreciate all its importance, one phrase of the great German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer suffice: “Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing.”

It is next to impossible to overestimate the importance of health for implementation of leader’s mission. Up to a certain moment, when some unpleasant signal makes a person visit a doctor, he or she does not think about one’s health. Practically nobody does. And so, the time, which might have been successfully spent on goal-achievement, should be spent on talking with medical professionals. It may safely be said that one's life quality fully depends on his or her health quality. Health is a great gift, which should be cherished like the apple of one’s eye, as it gives us the priceless sense of interior equilibrium and satisfaction with which we can concentrate on family, work and relaxation.

A Leader, like any other person, should do everything possible to keep his physical and spiritual health to the level, which allows the active way of life.

Not being a doctor, still I’ll dare to give some recommendations which seem useful:

• Take care and eat good food, as we are what we eat.
• Get moving, as movement is life. Find a kind of sport, which is best for your physical abilities and your heart’s conditions.
• If you don’t have any hobby yet, for which you spare some of your time with pleasure, do find it! By the way, learning languages and going in for sports are excellent hobbies.
• As far as possible, do only the work that is both economically and morally rewarding.
• Always bear in mind that a happy and stable family is one of the main constituents of health.
• Chase away all stresses (sport would be of great help here), go travelling, don’t be selfish, keep smiling, and always have a worthy goal to achieve.

Besides, it is especially important for a Leaders to be able to compensate for their soul energy, that stock of strength and optimism, which they shares with their followers, inspiring them to work. In this, he can help himself by communicating it with intimate people and friends, by reading good educating books, by having a rest close to nature, and by many other things, which please both his mind and soul.

The list of these recommendations is by no means complete. However, I suggest that you should decide for yourselves, how much you appreciate excellent health and how you can support it on an adequate level.

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