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Finding Hope

Who Am I ?

Many people when born wake up to the sound of welcome laughter and sights of smiles of people's faces, but not me. When I was born I woke up to the sounds of medical equipment and wires beeping around my head because I had suffered Infantile Spasms. These spasms created delays in my walking, speaking, coordination, movement, and especially my learning. Many doctors thought I would never learn to walk or even speak.

When my parents told me this, I felt underestimated. I felt misjudged. I felt useless. These feelings motivated me to prove those doctors wrong. The feelings motivated me to go to therapy every day, and to learn different exercises like jumping on a trampoline or walking using a walker. One day at my therapy sessions, I saw a microphone. I grabbed the microphone and started making sounds with my lips; at first it was just mumbles. Then I started saying a couple of words, and then I started making complete phrases. My therapist, noticing my skills, decided to take me to see one of the doctors.Suddenly, the doctors heard me singing, and everyone including me stood in amazement. That day was special because it was the day that I showed all the doctors that they were wrong.

That day made me realize that everyone has to go through difficult times in order to be successful. If it wasn't for my developmental delays, then I wouldn't be as determined to accomplish something or as stubborn when someone tells me I can’t achieve something . With this experience I also realized that I am different than everyone else, and it is okay to feel different sometimes; I learned to never give up, because if you do, there is no improvement or way to accomplish anything. This is the exact reason why I wanted to write this essay. Not to make whoever is reading this feel pity towards me by sharing my experience. Writing this letter was meant to help other kids to defeat whatever obstacle they go through and let them know that they can do anything they want to.

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