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How to set yourselves apart from other people?

by Arishta Jain

There are times in your life when you stop living altogether. The only reason you exist at that time is because you cannot die. You want to escape the world, fly away to some distinct place where you wouldn't have all those people who have hurt you, run away to a world where you don't have to work through your entire lives to make your future better. If you ever find yourself living that life, you must stop, because it can be dangerous to proceed.

Most of us spend our days worrying about trivial things and then one regular day, we die, and with us, die all those emotions, memories, and experiences that didn't let us live. All of us want to be successful, yet we don't want to work hard for our dreams, and this is what makes us like most other people. We don't give ourselves the power to look within ourselves and ask our inner selves what we really want. We feel inspired when we read about the live stories of great people who worked day and night to become someone they always wanted to be, but that inspiration does not last long for most of us. We are all so different and yet so similar. There are many of us who don't realize the importance of our time. It is the most precious resource we have and still we use it the most ignorantly. We are born, we grow up, we live and we die. That's how it's been for eons and that's how it will be for ages to come. We don't appreciate things that we have in plenty, we cry over them when they are not present anymore, even if it's the most precious of resources.

All of us love to spend our day watching television and stalking other people on Facebook. The irony is doing such things don't make us happy, but they don't require us to work hard. All you need to do is just exist and enjoy the resources the significant part of the world is creating for you. It's too easy and this is why we do it. Even the most useless person on the planet would have once thought about living a great life, driving a Rolles Royce with a beautiful woman by her side. We all have dreams but we are too ignorant to work towards them and this is what makes great people great.This is how it is for most of the people. We envy people who have natural talents, we try to find faults in them, we stalk them on social networking sites just to convince ourselves that they are no better than us. No matter how many people deny this, but there are many people in his world who are gifted and the fact remains that we cannot do anything about it. In fact, there are useless people in this world, utterly mediocre, whose only job is to serve the extraordinary. They are not useless because they are, they are useless, because they think they are. It's what you think you are that determines who you actually are and not what others think you are. All the great, extraordinary people in this world were bold and confident enough to trust themselves and their dreams and that has made all the difference.

There are many successful people in this world, thousands of them but all of them feel that they have not yet reached their full potential. The fact remains is that our lives are too short to allow us to reach our full potential, and maybe this makes us waste it. What most people don't realize is that the world is so large, it's infinitely big and nobody care about what we do and what we think. The people will not remember you for nothing. They will remember you only if you do something good for them and by doing something good for these people is the only way you can carve a place in your world. People read success stories, motivational articles in hope to find a secret mantra that will tell them some secret of the universe, a key to success or something like that. What they don't know is that there is no such thing as a success mantra, there's only hard work and nothing else.

Each day we wake up in a hope of doing something great. But as the day passes, we realize that we cannot do it. Those same people can be found some years later, sitting on their couches asking themselves why could not they do something worthwhile in their lives. Most of us don't feel sad living such kind of life because we feel content realizing that others are living it too.

Some of the greatest people in this world have the courage to be different. They lived because they wanted to do something productive out of their lives; they lived because they wanted to serve the world. Why do you think the scientists spend their entire lives working on a tool that could connect thousands of people in real time. It's because it made them happy. They took pride in what they were doing and they were happy to serve the world. They were like us, and yet so different. They believed in their dreams and themselves. Those people might not be the most good looking or might not have the best of brains, but they still lived for something that made them happy. If we think that every great man who ever lived on this planet was gifted, we would not be reasonable. There might be many who burnt the midnight oil to become what they wanted to and live the life of their dreams.
Most of us have mediocre lives, monotonous routines, average looking spouses and barely paying jobs. Instead of challenging what we have, we tried to find solace in what we have and there comes a time when we lose all the hope we have and become like everyone else. We are dead then. A great part of us is dead then.
Time and again, people criticize those who have done something productive in their lives just to give them the satisfaction that everybody else around them are equally useless. To be successful, we have to learn to be true to ourselves and for that to happen, it is integral towards understanding who we are and what we actually want, and that will set us apart and make us stand out in this world consisting of "non-so-important" people.

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