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Business versus Entrepreneurship…

by Sadiya naseem

With an emerging market and new startups mushrooming every day, I could not stop myself from thinking about business and entrepreneurship, however had not planned to publish my first post on LinkedIn exploring the same :).

These two terms “Businessmen” and “Entrepreneurs” seem very similar to many of us because of their visible social output i.e. helping consumers and creating jobs for unemployed. But are they actually two similar people? According to me NO, there are differences of attitude, approach, ideation, execution and innovation etc. Well, I could gather a few insights (or my views) to share.

Both these communities though work with a same goal i.e. “to become big and successful” but what plays as a key differentiator is attitude which changes their approaches and their definition of success.

A business man focuses more on analytics and always has a profit centric approach. And that’s why businessmen mostly enter into existing/validated or profitable business ideas without focusing much on the social value and innovation. This ensures fewer amounts of risk and calculated financial security. They hire people to make the business grow and always keep an eye on a clock to meet deadlines. For businessmen success means more profits coming in and business growing up.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs are more innovative and idea oriented people who focus on generating social, emotional and financial value. They identify a problem or a gap and create an opportunity around by taking crazy risks. They are driven by their passion to convert their unique ideas in to the hottest ventures and this makes them more of a possibility thinkers. They aspire to change the world or simply make a difference and don’t hire but invite like-minded people to join their journey. They work like crazy artists cloaked in a room and cribbing with their unique idea and come out of that shell on the self-decided time without being bothered about success. They believe that they are the history creators.

We have seen a lot of funding news recently, for Quikr, Snapdeal, Olacabs, Zomato and very recently property listing start-up If we look at this scenario carefully, we get to have a very nice example of difference between entrepreneurs and businessmen. Do you get it??

Yes behind bringing these ideas to a stage of being invested are true entrepreneurs. They followed their passion and turned their innovations in to big opportunities. And people who invested in these validated business ideas are true businessmen. They invested at a right time and took a very calculative risk. Isn't it? Well, this is just one example and doesn't at all mean that businessmen are only those who invest in hot startups :).

To summarize, I can say that most of the businessmen are administrative, logical, profit oriented, predictable and practical in nature where in most of the entrepreneurs are adventurous, instinctive, holistic, value seekers, risk takers and emotional in nature But to be factual both entrepreneurs and businessmen are strong pillars for any economy and play an important role in our social development too.

Having said this all, let me remind that above are just my personal opinions and might not be correct in your views; however feedback would be highly appreciated and encouraging:)

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