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The Life of Robin Williams

by Wiseman
(Tampa, FL, )

It is quite unbelievable and shocking to know Robin Williams, such a successful, funny and apparently happy man, had committed suicide.

I am quite sensitive and have perceived that the man was crying after his death realizing too late that passing away is not the answer and that the illusion of it does not solve any predicament, not even a mental depression dilemma.

In order to spread the truth regarding the human mind tendency to lie, cheat, exaggerate, manipulate and even humiliate others FOR MONEY most probably his sudden and unexpected death was planned before his birth.

What do I mean by that?

Look around you how that sort of reptilian selfish and greedy mindset is becoming more and more ingrained in the American culture and the world: the aggressiveness is present and active globally within so-called governments, deceiving corporations, the medical mafia and even within regular so-called business people: how lies, deception, fraud, trickery, manipulations to take your money, actually to poison and kill you, have proliferated in the last hundred years or so; everywhere most everyone wants to know the most personal details of your life: not only your name and address but your SS number, date of birth, civil status, financial history, possible divorces, properties owned, investments, credit car numbers and even the color of your underwear.

Such personal knowledge gathered by mortal mind conveys to the predator the illusion of power over others, tools to control the prey and especially to humiliate the victim, to take its money, its dignity, its rights and eventually, according to plan, to completely do away with the prey.

Says Bill Le Bon “What does enlightenment mean?”

“It would seem to me, at a minimum that would be learning to live in harmony with each other and our Earth. The current system based on economic growth and money pits us against each other and the Earth. Fortunately, society is beginning to measure well-being and happiness, which for the most part has nothing to do with money -- thankfully! The country of Bhutan has adopted the concept of "Gross National Happiness" or GNH instead of GNP. “

“This mind shift may seem minor but it could be the difference between life and death for life on Earth. As humans we must reclaim our right to pursue happiness with a clear new understanding of what happiness is: the new science of happiness is showing us that community, health, nature and creativity are more important to our happiness and well-being than money.”

It is well known fact that Robin Williams is a very charitable and generous man, but his unexpected death is actually his most significant and premeditated contribution to a constrained, mesmerized, and victimized global society.

If we want to really succeed we must be free from the aggressive longing to conquer by overpowering others, we will have to overcome that vicious aggressive-greedy frame of mind.

Wiseman S. Anonymous

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by: wales

Tragic incidents like Paul wakler and Robin Williams has left millions of faces in grieve and sadness.

The Life of Robin Williams
by: Anonymous

Your article have real pain Wiseman, for the people who do such things and ends their life. I do agree with you and we all need to take care of our matters so that we can face the challenges of our life.

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