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Good Enough is not Good Enough For You.

by Dr. Duyilemi Felix
(Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria.)

You are created for more!

God didn't put you here to merely- get- by.
Don't join the majority of people who have settled on an Island called Good Enough!
Leave good enough job!
Quit good enough life!
Review good enough relationship.
Don't allow life problems to replace your life dreams.
Remove "at least" from your life.
At least I have a job.
At least I have a C instead of an A.
At least...
There is no vacancy at the top for "at least people"
Move out of the rut.
Dream big dreams.
Believe God for the Best not for the rest.
Live your life for quality not for quantity.
Don't undervalue yourself.
Don't place a discount on yourself ability.
If you go for an interview and the interviewer asks you "how much will you like to collect as salary"
Name a figure. Never you say "anything!"
Anything people never get anywhere!
Be specific.
Know what you want in life and go for it!
Contentment is not complacency.
Be on the look out for better things...expect the best.
Good enough isn't good enough for you!
Change your vocabularly!
Embrace your bigger you!
From now on:
No fear: Don't live your life always thinking something might go wrong. Fear is faith in the negatives.
No surprises: Don't let life surprise you, let it excites you! Discoveries are simply the unexplored!
No Hesitation: Too much analyses paralyzes initiatives.Reason analyzes, faith actualizes!
No Excuses: Good excuses are bad habits, quit them!
No Doubt: You can't go forward while you are constantly looking backward! Make plans and expect them to work!
No Money: Don't say that again! Where there are ideas, there is plenty of money! Imagination is capital!
No Time: Where does it go! You will always have time for what is important to you!
No talent: Lie! Everybody is born with a seed of success in him!
No Opportunities:Never believe that! There are no scarcity of opportunities, only scarcity of vision!

Good Enough is not Good Enough for You!

Dr. Duyilemi Felix is the author of "It's In You" "Pick Up Your Broken Dreams" and His Latest work "Wake Up Your Destiny"

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