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SENIOR MANAGER - Process Excellence and Compliance

by Padmini

This theory provides very interesting insights on how to manage one's team's performance.

Some learnings from this theory :-

1.Leverage Expectancy :- It is important to supply employees with right resources and support so that their additional effort leads to better performance. The perception that efforts leads to perforamnce can be leveraged by building the right support system and setting the right goals. In the absence of resources or right goals, the employees will fail to see the connection and loose heart ( may stop trying). They may not see improved performance resulting from additional efforts and this can demotivate them from trying any further.

2. Leverage Instrumentality - People perceive performance is closely linked to outcomes / rewards. As a leader it is important to build a close tie between the two. Build a robust reward system that is transparent with predictable outcomes. If people can see a clear relationship between the two - it is easy to stay focussed and achieve the org goals. In the absence of this clear relationship , people may beleive that performance does not guarantee outcomes as there are other hidden mottos of the leadership team which detemrines who should get what.

3. Leverage Valence - Build a reward system after understanding what is valued by the people. Different people value different things - Some money, some may value reward and recognition in public more than money etc. It is ideal to keep the reward system flexible - people get to choose what they want as a reward and of course within a certain range of choices. Personalization is the key. May not be very easy but helps in maximising the impact.

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