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Expectancy Theory of Motivation - Tips

Reading these tips will ensure that you quickly get the benefits of the expectancy theory of motivation from Victor Vroom.

  1. Set realistic goals for yourself and your employees. As a leader, in addition to setting realistic goals for your employees you should also ensure that they are setting realistic goals for themselves! Failure to set a realistic goal will result in a low motivation as the expectancy will yield a low result.

  2. Set realistic rewards. As a leader you need to understand what your employee's value! What makes them tick? Then link the reward with the goal. The trick here is to make sure that you operate within your constraints as well as not to exaggerate the reward in comparison to the effort they will need to express. High reward with low effort will create an expectation effect.

  3. Rewards or Punishments? As a leader you should emphasize the rewards. It will promote a positive work environment. In addition, rewards hold their motivational values longer then punishments.

  4. Remember, rewards aren't only monetary! See the different types of motivation

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SENIOR MANAGER - Process Excellence and Compliance Not rated yet
This theory provides very interesting insights on how to manage one's team's performance. Some learnings from this theory :- 1.Leverage Expectancy …

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