What to do if you already lost your employees trust?

by Max Swaner

I would like to know how to regain trust from my employees. Does anyone have tips to restore the trust that my employee once granted me?

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Back to the basics in re-gaining trust
by: Jeremy Horne

Technique may be important, but if you are not willing to address "the basics", people will see later that such technique is subterfuge and a way of covering up the basic problem without solving it.

Often, it is best to have the most fundamental exchange about what the organization is about, the goals, who is in it and why, and what the future may look like not only for the organization but everyone in it. Philosophy is of utmost importance, and discussing openly the nature of leadership and management is essential.

However, perhaps the most important is democratization. We talk of democracy in the political arena, but what is wrong with workplace democracy? Take a page from Plato - The Republic - what is the essence of a leader - in his case, a philosopher queen/king. What is the highest ethos> Then, read Aristotle - Politics. It also is applicable to micro-situations.

I'd get everyone thinking philosophically and democratize the workplace. A reading of James MacGregor Burns wouldn't hurt, either.

Go back to the basics of leadership
by: Denis

I think that this is a problem that many leaders are up against in today's business world. However, unlike you, most choose to ignore it!

My answer is really quite simple: Go back to the basics of leadership. As you know trust is fundamental; without it, you will be unable to inspire your staff and as a result, you will not be in a position to exert any influence on their behaviors.

If I was in this situation, I wouldn't hesitate to have a meeting with my direct reports in a nice un-emotional location. Arrange the reunion in a neutral location where people are perceived to be and are actually equals. For example, if you use the board room (not recommended) at least don't sit in the chair located at the end of the table as this place is usually associated with "power" and you are trying to create an equal rapport!

Then, master the art of active listening (you can't fail here). Let them talk and tell you what they really think. If they aren't as forth coming as you think they should be, then your role at this point is to make them feel comfortable and perhaps offer them a description of a few behaviors that you suspect are a point of distrust from your perspective.

Lastly but not least, take notes and work on a plan for to alter these behaviors for which they indicated cause them to feel that you are unworthy of their trust.

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