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Why Time Management is Important

Time is Money

Why time management is important? Like the saying goes, "Time is money". That statement alone probably convinced 50 percent of the population as to why time management is important! For the rest, the benefits are multiple and the relation with time management might not be as obvious for people whom haven't yet experienced it themselves.

Time management is important because it is an irreplaceable resource. Each second that becomes part of your past will never be part of your present or future ever again. Using each second, minute and hour of the day wisely is important.

The equation is pretty simple (X - time used = time remaining), When we look at the equation from a project perspective, the value of X is known and for the most part that value is flexible. Consequently we have a tendency to subconsciously think that time is an effortless renewable resource! All we do is simply extend a deadline or tell our superior / client that the project will be delayed.

But in our life, X isn't effortless to renew and certainly doesn't meet the criteria of being endless. We know that having a stress free life or at least one with minimal stress will result in an extension on the value of X. Consequently we also know that not having good time management skills will bring your stress levels to an elevated state. Thus, it is logical to believe that proper time management will help reduces your overall stress levels, which will increases your X value and if not it will at least not be reduced.

So why is time management important?

  • Time is a limited resource.
  • Good time management means more money.
  • Good time management reduces your stress levels, while accomplishing more.

The complexity comes in when you are a high achiever and you are contently battling between getting things done while keeping your stress levels as low as possible. If this sounds like you, then you may want to read why time management is important in your workplace.

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