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Transition from Autocratic leader to Participative leader

by Priya

How do you convert a autocratic leader into participative style?the process?

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by: Regina Printup

I am no longer positive where you are getting your info, however good topic.

useful info
by: Henry

The leadership style will depend upon the organization and the various activities taking place there. The autocratic leader will not have any power but he can take some major decisions. It is informative to read this post.

Autocratic leader to Participative leader
by: Denis

Hello Priya,

It would be nice to have more information with regards to what you are referring to!

An autocratic leader, just like participative leader contain a wide range of behaviors. For which have value in their specific context. Thus, a good leader is someone than can adapt is style based on what the situation calls for.

In you question you are referring to a "process" like a stepped approach that will transform a leader behavior from one end of a spectrum to the other. There are certainly way's to achieve that, but it would be erroneous to think that that process will result in a better leader! He/She will simply be a different leader.

I'm not certain if you read these articles yet, but I would recommend that you do if you haven't. The first will explain what is an autocratic leader and the second what is a participative leader participative leader when you read them focus on the differences.

In addition, I would recommend that you also, if you haven't yet, read best leadership style this I'm sure will logically explain that defining a process that would bring a person from one to the other wouldn't be very beneficial in the long run.

Priya, I know I haven't answer the question is a very using a cartesian approach, as your original question would dictate, but I do firmly believe that providing such an answer would be of any value in a global context. However, for a specific situation this could be very valuable, but we would need to frame the question within a specific context where a leader would increases his or her success.

If you do have a specific context in mind you can use Vroom's, Yetton and Jago's decision model , I've included a java script that will guide you through a "suggested" approach for a specific situation. Of course, if you prefer that I provide my inputs, I would be glad too as well.


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