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Situational Leadership

by Janine Razzolini
(Walla Walla, WA)

I believe that situational leadership is probably the most effective form of leadership available. No two employees are exactly alike. They don't have the same work ethic, skills, or drive etc. So as a leader, I don't feel that you can treat everyone the same. Using this leadership style,you have sort of a guideline to use to help you handle each employee in almost every situation. Some employees may need more hands on delegation, while others just need to be told what to do. Motivating employees is not a one-size fits all task. Some take more motivation than others, just like instructions, some require more thorough explanations than others.

Using this style of leadership, I feel that you can be a more successful leader, with higher performance, morale, and completion of goals set. Its ease of use makes easy to understand and apply to situations that may not be as simple as just telling subordinates what you want to have accomplished.

Not all employees are willing to do every task that is asked of them, and finding ways to motivate them to do them can be difficult. But using this style of leadership, you can identify the employees skills, willingness to complete tasks, and their competency and assign tasks accordingly.

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