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Positive Morale

by Alicia
(East Coast, USA)

How do you keep morale positive in the workplace in a climate of cutbacks and fear of job loss? There is a lot of stress.

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by: Anonymous


Good thoughts
by: Anonymmous

There is only one way to keep your morale high and positive when there is a problem with your job. It is all about keeping yourself calm and thinking that you would not lose your job and think the best of your company and be open to them.

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Morale an individual dignity
by: Jeremy Horne

If you are leader in a situation where you have no control over the company or organization, you are pretty much at the mercy of "the axe", like your co-workers. Each situation varies. If the whole economy is tanking and the company cannot get business, the vulnerability factor goes up. Morale becomes worse with a sense of helplessness. Think of yourself with your coworkers as being on a deserted island and having to survive. First, you need to band together as a unit, a team. Make it cooperative in form - democracy, consensus decision making - the whole bit. Read up on co-op models. Look at what the company does and start thinking like the owners. Think of how you can bring business to the company. Do your own "market research". Think of diversification. Get at least one viable package together and then AS A GROUP approach the owners and bargain. You, as a group want a part of the company in exchange for it surviving. Meanwhile, be doing your homework in actively polling the environment to get that business - no contracts, yet, but get as much as infrastructure together as possible. Approach the owner. If s/he doesn't play ball, consider breaking off and launching your co-op.

Positive Morale During Cutbacks
by: Denis

Great question and I'm sure a lot of leaders were faced and continue to be faced with this very unfortunate situation!

Ironically, I think that the best way to keep morale on a positive level within the workplace in a climate of cutbacks is by not directly focusing on motivating your employees!

As a leader, the first thing that we need to be sensitive to is that losing your employment is a life changing situation filled with negative stressors. The consequences of these negative stressors may be felt for weeks, months and even years for some. Thus, whoever is confronted with this possibility, the last thing they want are the encouraging words from their manager letting them know that everything will be fine. They are in even less of a mood to participate in a motivational activity.

What they want is to find solutions for their source of problems. Most won't refer to it as such, but what they are seeking is a "what if" plan of action.

So, it not really a question of how to keep a positive morale within the workplace, since not only is that not possible, it is in fact actually impossible! The question is how quick can we, as leaders, provide the answers to their "what if" action plan.

As a leader, you should really focus your energy on making the "Cutback Climate" an event of the past. This will eliminate a lot of unnecessary "what if I get laid off" action plans and by the same token remove the source of the stressors.

Here are some high-level guide lines that I recommend:

1) Evaluate your organizational situation and the future need in human resources. Make sure that you get it right the first time. Using a staggering approach to cutbacks will result in a prolonged state of negative stress.

2) Be Transparent: Let people know the situation; don't explain the situation with "rose-colored glasses". Say it like it is.

3) Treat the employees that are being laid off with the upmost respect. After all, they have been providing your organization with their valuable services. If possible, try to offer them your support in their search efforts for their next career opportunity.

4) Hold a general meeting informing all remaining employees of the individuals that were laid off. Re-state the logic that caused the organization to make and implement this difficult decision. And finally, tell your staff that there will be no other layoff's and share your high-level vision of what the future can hold.

5) Be honest and respectful at all times.

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