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organizational behavior

by amy law

Do you agree or disagree with the basic assumptions of Herzberg’s dual-structure theory? Why?

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Herzberg's Motivation Theory
by: Denis

Interesting question, if I was a teacher, teaching motivational theories that would definitely be a question I would ask!

Mostly agree, my take on Herzberg’s theory of motivation is that it has considerable amount of empirical data and there are other researchers that have supported the original hypothesis. But more importantly, if we simply take the time to think about it does make perfect sense that there are motivators, like process of learning for example and hygiene factors, like general working conditions they don’t necessarily motivate, but they will de-motivate if they are absent.

My biggest issue with this theory, from a practical point of view, it’s that it doesn’t answer the question of what to one should do, meaning that it would result in the best possible outcome, when you are in front a real life scenario. More specifically, what decision should you make when you have the choice between focusing on working conditions of your staff or thereat career advancement. When you are working with large groups, which of these two would provide the employees with greater job satisfaction?

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