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Millenials as leaders for the future

by Gina D. Molano

Lets take a look at the way new millionaires are emerging due to the internet successes in online selling most of this ideas spew from just simple needs also generated by the user who are hooked on these gadgets and live their lives through online shopping alone. They have different ideas on how to generate money in terms of being online all the time.

As leaders they can influence the market and get volumes of sales in their side by just sitting around and buying bit coins and paying them as well. In Asia young business men are not just college graduate themselves but grade school students who identify the need created by students like them.

Online purchases such as food,clothes written reports, thesis and action researches can be bought online with ease and comfort in the click of a button. Millennial modify the way old school did not predict would happen, doing work and play makes school just another application to use , utilize and move on to the next better option of improvement.

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