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Merits of Leadership

by vasanth

What are the merits and/or demerits of leadership?

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Merits of Leadership.
by: Shane Jensen

Having good leadership quality not only leads people on the project they are assigning to, but rather lead even from the home front. A true leader is one that even his own family acknowledges their presence and heeds every advice or role given to them. A leader acquires many qualities such as honesty, morality, self-belief, proficient, supportive etc. hence its good enough to have leadership skill.

Merits of Leadership
by: Kelly David

Not everyone has the ability to lead. Some people have blessed with this talent. Leadership is very important in maintaining or establishing a business or company. I have found very comprehensive discussions on leadership and its importance for growth of business here.

by: Michael

Merits of a leader are that he should be very much capable in leading a team under him. He should think in profit-oriented way to the company. Not only that he should have complete knowledge about the firm and should be able to control things, demerits are common to any leader.

by: Gerina

A leader is a person who should always be having certain qualities that are surely to be found in most people, but usually fail to deliver due to laziness or carelessness. The people who are capable of handling this entire event at times of stress are the ones who strive through it.

by: Gary Mauricio

In order to make the most of your proficiency in the workplace, it is important to develop your leadership skills. Talent and a good work ethic will take you to a certain level, learning how to lead will get you to the top of the tree. Actually Leadership is a big role. Leadership is also important in ensuring the smooth running of the organisation as a whole to ensure that employees are financially compensated and stockholders are satisfied with the investment.

Merits of Leadership
by: Anonymous

Well there are two distinct merits of leadership. The first being monetary. Leaders are generally in positions that will remunerate the individual more. But, from my experience in this category there are lots of false positive, meaning that people are labeled as a leader and actually have a higher income/position as a result of it, but they are not necessarily an authentic leader.

The second merit of leadership, is by far the most rewarding and fulfilling, which as an altruistic nature. Helping other become better person's and better employee's. Which will help you grow as a person, as the learning is bi-directional and will provide the added benefit of helping the organization by having:

  1. Motivated employees

  2. Increassed productivity

  3. More profits

  4. ect...

In terms of demerits, I don't think that there are any, being a leader is something that only provides positive feelings, or at least no more negative ones than the alternative. However, those that do see demerits in being a leader from a personal perspective, might actually be suffering from the reality that, their leadership nature is one that is forced and not intrinsically linked.

Vasanth, did you have a specific context in which you were wondering about the merits or demerits of leadership?

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