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Job Motivation

There are some definite benefits to focusing on the job motivation. There are ways to modify the work itself in order to increases your employee's motivation with regards to the work they do. For example, you could introduce job rotation, flexible working hours, friendly competitions, childcare, work from home, etc... The possibilities are almost endless and one can get really creative based on the type of work it is that would benefits from having some job motivation.

Assuming that you are creative, if not, don't worry, you can "share your thoughts" at the bottom of this article to get some ideas from others. In the mean time, here are some clear benefits that will inspire you in ensuring that you feel compelled to act and actually seek ideas:

Benefits of job motivation

Increases quality which will reduce the rework cost, remember rework is costing you directly from your bottom line! This steals away your capacity to create more value added work and you incur 100% of the cost.

Reduce training cost by not having so much turnover rate. Some manager will not be too worried about staff leaving, but this will again take away some of your capacity during the ramp up time of the new employee. You will also waste resources to perform all of the administrative work required to hire a new employee. If there are multiple people leaving this will also affect the job motivation of the remaining employees as they will be wondering why people are leaving (but they probably already know) and that will lead them to the next question as to why they can't find a job also. If you ever had a co-worker leave on their own accord you certainly experience the feeling that they must be better than you as they were able to find another employer that valued their skills! Now, you might not act on it, but the fact remains that it took away, even just a little, from your current job motivation as well as the motivation of others around you, so all of these little withdrawals add up in the long term.

Makes people more creative in finding way to do their work faster, cheaper and with better quality. When people are happy they will be more relaxed and thus more inclined to be able to dedicate one hundred percent of their cognitive abilities to the task at hand. Provides better customer service, when you have staff that are motivated at work they will have a tendency to see everything on the positive side, therefore, but whenever confronted to with the client focused concern they will have the immediate reaction at finding a positive way to bring closure to this situation. In return, this will provide your client with a feeling of being important and valued by your organization. I can tell you that for my own experience that whenever I am not satisfied, as a client, I am much more inclined to tolerate any wrongdoing by the organization if I have the feeling that they are truly trying to bring a win-win solution forward.

Reduce accidents and injuries. This alone is a very important one, not only does it ensure the safety of your employees and of the public at large, but it protects the organization against millions of dollars in potential lawsuit. The reality is, that an accident can result in a company going bankrupt.

Reduction of absenteeism. That is true for both valid as well as invalid causes of absenteeism. Sometimes when we're demotivated at work we will find the smallest valid excuses to rationalize our decision to take the day off. I am sure, that just like me, most of you have had a little sore throat at one time during your professional life and convinced yourself that it was perfectly acceptable and ethical to make it a full days of sick leave on your time sheet. As for the times when we are really sick, one could make the argument that if you were happy and motivated you would have experienced less stress in your life making your and system that much stronger. I'm not saying that you would never get sick, but perhaps you would be sick the less often. The last point to add to this day is that depending on your job the organizations is not only losing your hours, but a project that requires your presence might experience some delays.

Better time management. Yes, I think it pretty much goes without saying that employees that experience job motivation will also ensure that they manage their time as efficiently as possible. This could be something as simple as running a script during their lunch hour. I am of the opinion, that motivated employees will be more inclined to see the little time savers and the sum of these little time savers will definitely add up at the end of the year. See: time management tips

And the last benefits of job motivation for this article, and one of my personal favorite, a motivated employee will motivate others, applying the law of compounding.

Share your thoughts

Sharing your motivating thoughts or your motivational tips will benefit every leader. Motivation is what give them the energy to constantly seek to improve their self-motivation as well as motivating other. Consequently increase our leadership influence.

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