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i want Left brain oriented (managerial mind set) v/s Right brain oriented (Leadership oriented mind set) people theroy

by Rajeev Bansal
(Chandigarh INDIA)

I read about one theory during my MBA in year 2000 to 2002 that their r two type mind set people around us one Managerial Oriented (whom the author called left brain oriented) another Leadeship Oriented (whom he called right brain oriented people. In that theory author has given quality or behavioral aspects of above two mentioned type people and described why their is diffrence between the behaviour of two people while leading the group i want that theory again to study. More over i has two more type of people find around us with the previous two. To whom i called Marketing oriented mind set people and Sales oriented mindset people around us. I has a clear understanding about all above four type of people's behaviour aspects but to write down that matter on paper i need that previous theory by some unknown author to me. If u or any one helpfull to get that theory to me i will be very thankfull to him.

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