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Great Man Theory = Correct

by Luke
(United Kingdom)

My view on this matter is quite simple. As egalitarianism rose from the feeling of inadequacy and greed that most felt, it made them disregard the idea that someone could do a job better than them, especially when it came to leadership. It is true that anyone could be a great man or woman. However, it is only great men and women who actually achieve that potential we all share. Anyone can do anything, but that certainly does not mean they will. It is the extraordinary traits within the personalities of these individuals that enables them to fulfil the potential that everyone technically has but would never actually achieve.

Now of course I do not subscribe to the idea that it is good breeding that produces such leadership, such things are nonsense. But it is clear to me that some individuals, no matter their position in life, have risen to higher heights than most dream and shone so bright as to change the very course of nations, and often times, the world. To now try and say that they are mere products of their environment is nothing more than undignified slander. It is the words of those who are envious of those great individuals. Who want their influence, power and wealth for themselves. So they attempt to say they are just like anyone else. That we are all the same. Hence why in recent years youve seen leaders who are frankly all the same, or at least unified by their poor character, few would be regarded as good yet alone great.

Gone are the days of the Great man and woman. For now at least. The discard of this theory and its way of thinking, emphasised by Carlyle an Nietzsche, has led to the decline of the west, as shown by Spengler. So do you not wonder? Perhaps this is why we do not see this sort of greatness anymore?

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