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Franklin Covey

Franklin Covey is at the head of an internationally acclaimed company. When we talk about professional time management training for individuals or organizations, Franklin Covey and the people that work for his company are very successful enablers. They enable people to organize their personal and professional lives and develop time management skills. The result is balanced leaders leading organizations.

A little History

The company emerged in 1997, through the merging of two companies namely, Franklin Quest and Covey Leadership Centre. The company was founded on the basis of the international bestseller "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", authored by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, and "The Ten Natural Laws of Successful Time & Life Management", authored by Mr. Hyrum Smith.

Currently, Dr. Stephen R. Covey is a leader in training and consulting on the global stage in the fields of strategy implementation, leadership and much more. Among its clients are ninety percent of Fortune 100, over seventy-five percent of Fortune 500, a myriad of small-sized and medium-sized businesses, educational institutions, and other entities.

As I wrote about in other articles, with today's globalization, businesses must embark on overall cost reduction. Every dollar spent needs to contribute efficiently to the organizations bottom line.

Therefore, it's not a surprise with the cost of labor that programs like the ones offered by Franklin Covey is money well spent!

Dr. Covey offers programs which focus on every angle of time management. The company uses various tools to devise planning systems, reaching out to millions of people worldwide. The products of Franklin Covey are available in retail outlets across four continents. Further, it offers professional services in 147 nations, via direct, as well as licensee offices.

Apart from the popular Franklin Planner books, the company offers effective management training seminars and products. Its various products include books, audio tapes, CDs, and software programs in almost thirty-two languages. The software implemented in the Franklin Covey's planning system is termed as "PlanPlus for Windows", with its online edition named as "PlanPlus Online." The training and consultation products of the company focus on proper alignment of leadership and organization.

In association with school systems across the US, the company teaches the "7 Habits" detailed in the book of Stephen R. Covey to teachers and administrators, at all levels of educational institutions. Seminars and programs on leadership training and management are extremely helpful for those in leadership positions, enabling them to communicate and organize projects, exercising responsibility more effectively. Time management seminars and tools contribute valuable concepts to the task of staying organized.

Excellent productivity tools offered by Franklin Covey, such as calendar pages, binder pages, daily list pages and compact discs ensure a thorough familiarity with information. Such tools are of tremendous use to individuals, as they can modify habits and work with the right principles to achieve goals and values successfully.

Basically, they enable people to understand the inherent capability with each person, with an aspiration for greatness, and the power to make a favorable choice. The universal principles make a lasting impact, with regard to progress and effectiveness. The various products and tools work with the whole person, who can indeed achieve superior performance with sustenance.

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