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Amber Fox

by Amber Fox
(University of Hull)

What about great women? Now the theory is irrelevant. Maybe in that century great man theory was relevant but women are leaders now and they do a great job at it. We had Margret Thatcher as our Priminister which just shows women as leaders and I do not believe that great man theory of leadership is relevant in today's society. Jobs are also not passed down generations anymore. Although families can influence what their children do, our society now gives even children with a poor background the chance to go to University, excel and be leaders. Everyone had as much chance as each other today and there is no great man theory. It is just a great theory of leadership that we need and have.

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Mar 08, 2017
Restating the article isn't assing to the discussion
by: Obvious Bob

I think Amber Fox has missed the whole point of the article.
She simply re-states what the author has said already.
It adds nothing to the discussion.
This is the sum total of poor education and why her arguments that "anyone" can go on to become great leaders.
The UK still selects nearly all of it's Prime Ministers (not-Priminister), from the private education sector.
Great Man theory is most certainly still relevant because it gives a context to previous beliefs and show how society got from point A to point B to point C.
The new politically correct generation has no idea how to argue points, and very clearly has no idea how to make valid points.

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